Guide Welcome to the Hentaied Forum! 🐙


Welcome to the Hentaied Forum!

We are really excited to have you here. The objective of this forum is to create a space for our community where you can discuss new videos, ideas, interact with each other and the Hentaied team.

Here are some basic rules and guidelines that will help ensure the best possible experience for all users of this forum. Please take a moment to read these and do your best to keep them. Breaking these rules may result in the suspension of your account.

1. Be kind and respectful 😊
Keep the discussion friendly, be respectful to others at all times. We want to make this forum a safe place to stimulate conversation, not to create contention.

2. No spam 😖
Spam is not welcome in any form. Make sure you post only relevant content to the board and avoid posting something multiple times.

3. No self-promotion or advertising 🥴
Commercial posts promoting yourself or another business are not allowed in any form.

4. No offensive posts 🤬
Any posts containing illegal material will be deleted immediately and the account posting it will be suspended.

5. Do not post the Hentaied videos 😓
Uploading our videos is not allowed.

Need help?
If you need any help regarding the forum, don’t hesitate to contact our moderators: adminhenta, squidman!

Wish you a great time here!
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