general requests or suggestions


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I saw a lot of hentaeid films yesterday, almost all of them and have a few suggestions for thoughts.

Subject interior shots:

I find it interesting that you tried to take pictures of the inside of the ladies, how a tentacle penetrates somewhere.
Here I would like to have a recording when a tentacle in the anus or the pussy discharges its sperm.
I've seen this before in the general porn industry. so seems to be going somehow. would maybe link something that shows what I mean, but I don't know if I am allowed to.
in the hentais it's standard.

Authenticated Fucking deepthroat or ass to mouth tentacles ect.

the acting of the women is great but I miss the behavior or the effects of such a strong penetration into the bodies and Holes of the women.
in Empale it is very well indicated with the saliva in the mouth choking and gagging. ect.
but here too I miss the reddening of the eyes or the tears. generally far too little saliva in the deepthroat scenes. I think Empale is the only one where it has been tried so far.

theme alien woman and her victim.

I would like to have a scene or even a whole video. similar to Agatha Vega 24 min film.

where the antagonist forces the victim to take the tentacle in the mouth while holding the head. of the victim and presses her mouth against the tentacle so that she is initially ****** to deepthroat against her will. after a while the victim likes it so much that she massages her pussy herself. the tentacle goes out of her ass during deepthroat then does a U-turn and then penetrates her pussy again.
It can be that it is technically complicated because the tentacle would then have to be very flexible to get out of the ass and then back into the pussy to unload its sperm. the antagonist always squeezes the tentacle in the victim's mouth and holds the back of the head.

Topic: Cum and continue fucking in pussy or ass

In Welcome Aliens min. 7 in the scene Agatha is fucked in my favorite possition and you can see in full shot that the tentacles fuck her but apparently cum at the same time.
Please do close-up of something like that. I would love it if I could see how it squirts out of the pussy while fucking with a cumming Tentacle.

furthermore small wishes:

more tearing of clothes by tentacles in the important places. like bra jeans, legings thongs ect.

Socks or skirts don't always have to be taken off.
why isn't there a scene where the woman is wearing suspenders🧐?

more conversations or audible thoughts while making love with Mr. Alien.

More doggystyle please

my last little wish is that I love it when tentacles wrap around breasts/Tits and massage or knead them. I guess that's only possible with women with a suitable Breast size,like Sonya Blaze or Rae Lil Black maybe * wink *

should be all I can think of for now .