Beautiful [Parasited]


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I’ve not done a series with multiple parts before so thought I’d give it a shot here. This is going to be for a Parasited transformation/mutation fetish I’ve always hoped to see on the site. That being said I know nothing about special effects both practically and digitally, so I don’t even know if this is possible.

There are four models throughout this series, one is a male model playing Brad, the cheater. Honestly this can be anyone, as long as they’re not unconvincing in their role. The second is Emma, who I named after Emma Bugg. She has really impressed me on Hentaied and I’d love to see her featured in a Parasited video. Since she isn’t as of writing this I’ll make this her debut.

The last two models are for Deborah, inspired by the villain of the same name from Resident Evil 6. The first model is Deborah before mutating, a model who is fairly skinny and petite with rather flat features. Just as an example I’ll say Jessie Saint. The second model is an ‘improved’ Deborah, with a manipulated body to look more defined in her features whilst the only similarity the two share being their hair colour and race. For this example I’ll go with Alix Lynx.

Whilst these are my ideal models, they can honestly be anyone. It just helps sometimes to put a face to a character. Let’s start with Part One:

Part One

As night falls on a suburban house, we see a depressed Deborah sitting on a couch in her living room scrolling through a laptop. We get to see Deborah’s screen, she’s viewing multiple social media profiles of attractive women. Visibly upset with a sniffling nose and mascara markings, Deborah sits in silence continuing to click and scroll through her laptop. The silence of the room is interrupted by a ringtone. She gets up from the couch and answers her phone.

We can't hear the person calling over the phone however Deborah’s replies help paint a picture of her situation. “Hey Emma. I’d be lying if I said I was okay. I had a feeling he would do this, I just didn’t want to believe it. I know. Yeah I saw both of them. Do you know what he said to me? I just don’t find you attractive anymore. No I swear to god that’s what he said. I mean you should’ve seen her. Her physique, her cheekbones, her lips, hell even her eyes. Maybe he was right about me…”

The lonely woman strides along the bottom floor of her house, walking around the living room and kitchen. Whilst continuing the discussion, Deborah fails to notice several pools and trails of a transparent liquid across a various surfaces. “I’ll talk to you later okay? No, I won't do anything stupid. Love you too”. Deborah continues to slowly walk around her house, before suddenly coming to a stop. A moist feeling causes Deborah to lift her foot up and take off her sock, inspecting the mysterious liquid. She pulls a face of confusion and disgust as she touches the slimy substance. Unable to identify it, more drops onto her fingers from above. Deborah looks up and sees a grotesque slug-like creature.

The parasite sporadically glows a purple light before falling into Deborah’s shirt. Deborah lets out a shriek of fear before falling to the ground as the parasite enters her body. Deborah twitches and shakes to the sound of the parasite taking hold of her insides. She begins to moan, caressing her body like a wave of pleasure has engulfed her. She haphazardly moves her clothing out the way, masturbating on the floor. As Deborah’s moans increase, the same slimy substance from earlier begins to secrete from her pussy and mouth. Her moans reach a climax as Deborah’s eyes cloud into a pale colour, her fatigued expression becoming a smile.

She gets up and makes her way upstairs, dropping off pieces of clothing along the way. When she makes it to the bedroom, Deborah is fully nude. She climbs onto the bed, raising her body on both knees whilst stroking her chest and hips. She still holds on the same smug grin, before suddenly gasping as her stomach begins to flash a purple light. Her whole body tenses up, barely keeping control of her own arms and hands. As she pants louder and more desperately, she grits her teeth and growls out two words “Oh god!”.

The sound of muscles contorting and twisting fill the room alongside Deborah’s agonising grunts. Her boobs begin to pulse and swell up, sounds of fluids filling them till they take over her chest. Her aas also expanding, liquids inflating her cheeks till her skin stretches. Deborah can’t contain her orgasmic cries. She looks upwards as the muscles across her face twitch and cramp up. Her skin stretches in a variety of ways alongside the sound of hair roots emerging and retracting. The muscles in Deborah’s body begin to settle, she uses her hands to explore her new body. Her face has completely changed, her body is unrecognisable. She is first taken aback by her new body, before that sinister smile returns.

“Ahh, it’s so sensitive. My ass, my tits… yes, this is everything I could’ve wished for!”. Deborah begins to play with herself, masturbating whilst she continues to stroke her thighs and fondle her boobs. As she increases the intensity, slime falls from her mouth. She spreads the slime all across her new breasts, moaning and grunting to the sensations she now possesses. Her fingers gain more and more speed, causing Deborah to emit more wilder noises. As her whole body begins to shake and vibrate, she falls back as a huge burst of liquids burst from her pussy. She falls onto her bed, asleep yet still managing to maintain a satisfying expression.


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Part Two

The scene begins with a man outside of a house banging on the front door. “Debbie, please let me in. Can we talk about this? Hello? Deborah?”. A silhouette appears on the other side of the front door, handling the locks in order to open the door for the man. “Deborah please I-“ the man is cut short when the door opens revealing a woman he fails to recognise in a black dressing robe. She glances up and down at the man and lets off a little grin “Brad is it?”. “Do I know you?” Brad questions as he enters the house. “Clearly not” the woman retorts.

Whilst she heads to the kitchen, cleaning different utensils and dishes, Brad sits on the couch in the living room, trying to compose himself around such an attractive woman. “S- so you must be a friend of Deborah. Do you know where she is?” stuttered Brad. Deborah tells Brad that “Unfortunately, Deborah’s gone now, it’s just been me here until you of all people showed up”. Brad stays silent for a few seconds before he replies “I guess you’ve heard about all of it” to which she responds with “vaguely but yes”. As the two are having this conversation over separate rooms, we see Deborah struggling to restrain her impulses, slime falling onto the floor from between her legs.

She enters the living room whilst Brad remains seated. Deborah squints her eyes at Brad “Why did you come back here?”. Brad struggles to put a sentence together. “To…you know, apologies. I want to make things right. I want to say sorry for what I did”. Deborah chuckles as she circles the couch Brad is seated on. “Please. You’re only here to apologise because you’ve been caught. I bet you’ve cheated on her before. I bet you’ll cheat on her again”. Brad looks to the floor. Deborah stands in front of Brad, lifting his chin up with her fingers. Her lips less than an inch away. “Would you cheat on her again?”. For a moment there’s nothing but silence, until Brad gives in and locks his lips with her.

The two make out in a heated exchange, both giving into their impulses. However things take a turn when slime begins to drizzle out of their mouths, Brad trying to push Deborah away. She lets him go, he falls down on the couch as if he’d been poisoned. As he struggles to find his balance, Deborah continues to drool slime. She loosens her robe to expose her breasts, the slime coating them. Brad coughs and gargles on the slime, barely able to let out a sentence . “Urgh! W-who the f-fuck are you!?”. Deborah dons her malicious grin, undressing her robe entirely. “Don’t you recognise your one and only Deborah, Brad? I’ve had a bit of a makeover”. Brad pulls a confused look, trying to make sense of this strange woman’s remark. Before he even has a chance to speak, Deborah grabs him by the roots of his hair and shoves his face into her pussy.

The sensations from Brad’s tongue causes Deborah to shudder and moan. As her orgasm reaches its peak, Deborah floods Brad’s mouth with slime. He falls onto the couch, barely able to move a muscle. She lets out a comment "You didn’t find me attractive before. You chose her over me? Let's see if she's better than me now". Deborah turns away from Brad and slips his dick inside her pussy. She begins to move her hips and thighs, up and down as all Brad can do is let out an exhausted moan. As they pick up the pace, Deborah becomes more and more vocal, her groans falling deeper the more intense the sex becomes. As they both reach the point of climax, an overflow of semen floods between the two.

Deborah takes a second to compose herself, she gets up and looks at the pathetic state of her boyfriend. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock off all the cum that's coated it. Brad is mentally broken, unable to form words as he can barely react to the feeling of his transformed girlfriend suffocating on his dick. It doesn't take too long for him to ejaculate again, Deborah gulping most of it up before pulling her head back, a white trail escaping her lips. She moves towards Brad on the couch, sliding his cock inside her once again.

The two go at it for a little while, moaning and grunting until a flash of purple emits from Deborah's stomach. "Oh god, it's happening again" she says before a wide smile spreads across her face. That dark smile turns into a tensed up teeth grind as she moans and growls like an insatiable monster. The sound of her flesh ripping, malforming and bloating cause Deborah to lose control of her actions. She continues humping Brad, who looks to be in pain and agony whilst his lover begins to mutate. Dark, bulging veins spread across Deborah's body. Muscles shrink and grow in size as they're about to burst one moment then shrivel up the next. The couple are at the point of yelling, Brad looks as if his life is being drained away whilst Deborah is overwhelmed by the process of changing. As the transformation comes to a stop, Brad falls completely lifeless. Deborah looks upwards, letting out a staggered breath before giving off one last smile.