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  • Alien escapes from lab and goes into the plumbing system. Fucks a girl in the restroom.
    Russian spy detected - U.S. counter intelligence security need to release an experimental monster - 1/2 time kills 1/2 time breeds
    Secret room on the other side of a wall... punches holes into the wall to find what's inside.
    The woman keeps alien alive in the basement who needs sex to live- Tricks the saleswoman to go down.
    Dinner party spills drink on clothes - gets alien in bathroom.
    Sick girl, only cure is "experimental treatment" alien cum.
    Hunting enthusiast jumps at the chance to catch an alien - gets fucked.
    Alien tries to disguise as human woman, gets horny and seduces another girl.
    Girl is scared of space rock so gives it to her friend.
    Girl casts spell on her bully.
    small vibrating (ohmibod panty vibe) inside panties. Hiding discovery
    Getting dressed after being covered in cum.
    Different color cum causing hornyness.
    Egg birth and caring for young/nursing (mommy instinct).
    real worms or slugs for the parasite?
    bondage positions but tentacles instead of ropes.
    More groping boobs and ass.
    Grunting sounds of the alien.
    Jerking it off when it protrudes from the mouth.
    Tentacle between legs outside of panties under bra between boobs into mouth.
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