What I wished for - Indeed


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What I wished for - Indeed

To rate this video, I use 10 stars extended rating (1 = oh well nudity; 2 = guess we fuck; 3 = we got some camera; 4 = porn; 5 = HQ porn; 6 = art; 7 = fine art; 8 = extreme fine art; 9 = near perfect; 10 = perfect). As a relation: watchable HQ porn stumbles around 5! IMPORTANT: Everything 6+ is very good in my opinion and very well worth it. Everything above is bonus!

After the last videos already indicating improvements of the videos and content… this is really a step forward… And I love to see more like this!

This could have been a quick review…

Awesome.. keep it up…


Girl (just the personal impression of the girl):
9/5 What to say… she did a awesome job … due to personal preferences she is just "near perfect" .. lol
+ The dedication into this was really noticeable which made a huge plus for the video
+ The bukkake at the end is really like I imagining it
+ Her emotions and feelings are mostly pretty convincing! <3 Not just plain moaning .. you get the feeling she is really enjoying it!

Story (the idea behind the video)
9/5 Didn’t we all wanted to see something like this …?

Effects (special effects if needed) :
8.5/5 – nothing more needed!

Props (Props used)
8.5/5 – Nice office setting
Tentacles … I guess they worked in 95% of the video ..

Music – Sound - Voice
9/5 Its working … very well done
Little improvement suggestion … (besides the fact it was addressed but could be even better… ) when the tentacles entering … the moaning didn’t really match up (nothing mayor) meaning: when entering ..she would moan not when its inside and the next on the way.

Plot (Everything what happens in the video making sense?)
8.5/5 – Its really straight forward and I mean it in the most positive way!

minor thing
  • at the beginning with the noises. It wasn't that convincing .. everyone would have looked around (and dressed) and on repeated noises .. but continue masturbating .. I don't know ... One solution could have been she is so horny that she couldn't stop ...
Composition & Cutting
8.5/5.. All in all, everything was captured like it should be … nice additional angles which showing not only the tentacles but also the emotions of the model and its working!

Some minor things which may be helpful to address in future…
  • The blowing the beginning was a bit overdone (esp. after she got spattered 19:10 and right after it got reverted and she was covered with half the cum)
  • One the way back out (from all the way through) there was a scene when its almost out and right after the thick one is back in … 24:23
  • Side by Side – View is working 80% and I love that its not overdone … just stating.. thats a good thing!

Execution (any flaws that doesn’t make sense? Good things that should be mentioned)
  • + I really love how they cummed in her ass and the cum is flowing out of her
  • + The bukkake in the end (whatever you need to do … make girls express something like that.. its working)
  • + Starting all the way through … oh boy the first scenes starting this were really intense!
  • Those tentacles are a big issue regarding timing and all the way through = ATWT (as said its working mostly!!!) but it would really improve if there is a chance to capture the “entering” in the mouth .. which is the only thing missing in the video..
  • + I also enjoyed her interactions with the tentacles (it suggests to show the viewer that she and where she wanna feel it)
  • + The Scene at the end where she wanna receive the cum of the tentacle with the tongue out and its flowing along her tongue in her mouth… nice...
  • + Side view at the end of her getting off
  • The positioning of the model before ATWT just perfect… and at ATWT .. her head should have stayed stretched upwards (since a tentacle is going through and it cant bend 90° in that short distance)
  • Her hands while the ATWT scene are kinda disoriented (the scene really gave the option she could have clutched into the chair handles while enjoy/enjoying the pain-pleasure of the tentacle going through her.. or pulling the tentacle inside her instead of stroking for 10 min)
  • 3 times ? “oh no where are you going?” … little more variance would have made it even better… I know … the language … but something like “you really wanna leave? (spreading)” "please dont let it end so fast"
  • A litte more variance in positions could benefit the video .. if the sitting action was comfortable for her I didn’t said anything
Director 8.8/5
With every video another improvement… awesome…

All in All ... I go with 9/5 ..
I just loved it! And even more the fact you are aiming at the quality which I know you are able to do! Thank you!
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Music 3/10: A week point. We only hear a monotonous porn endless loop; Sorry guys, music could really add a lot to the emotions of the scene: Tender (smooth jazz?), hard (metal?), action (hard rock?), excitement, calm down… This is a feature!
AweSome!!!!!!!!!!!! Idea...
  • Agatha Vega: super sexy and hot girl.
  • Pierced nipples: great!
  • All-The-Way-Though: Mouth-to-ass! My most favourite one!!!

  • Yuck! What happened to her beautifully fully shaved pussy??? I love it shaved not hairy!
  • Love girls fucked in cloth, but I prefer, when they get naked stepwise.
I really like summaries... besides piercings are not really mine but thats fine :)
Agatha did an incredible job, that's for sure. Unfortunately anal sex is not exactly what triggers me. But I am happy for everyone who can enjoy the video even more because of anal only scenes. And the video itself is very well crafted. A piece of art.
Yes, I'm not a fan of anal either. There are limits to everything. That said, the performance was excellent and Agatha is stunning.