Some reflections on the forum


Hello all!

The great and very wise message of Exoscript (@Exoscript: Thank you!(y)) made me reflect on the Hentaied and especially this forum. I want to share my thoughts, because I think they can improve the forum:

I see this forum as great possibility for the Hentaied staff to get more ideas from the community as well as giving the community (us) the possibility to have more influence on the development of the site. In general, a win-win situation. This influence is in the three major elements, Girls (of course! A big thank you to all of them for being in front of the cam!!!(y)), the aliens (props, tentacles, or any other toys), and finally the story to bring all together. However, as Exoscript wrote in his disclaimers
(Exoscript wrote):
I'd also like to offer two disclaimers:

This is just a list of preferences that I wouldn't mind seeing more in your work; it's not objective in any way, represents only one user, and doesn't imply anything inadequate about your existing content

You're a business and you have to make money, which means creating content that appeals to specific demographic, on a budget, without making your actresses uncomfortable. Consequently, rather than just taking suggestions from some rando on the Internet, I'd recommend constructing polls based on some of the suggestions provided in this forum to see what your audience *really* wants.

You (@Exoscript) exactly hit the point here. All ideas and suggestions are usually the personal idea of one subscriber. Taking the idea un-reflected might not hit the “mainstream” of the other subscribers and might drive some of them to quit. So, how to overcome this. On the community side, I would encourage everybody to like or dis-like the ideas of others or even better write a comment. A good constructive discussion will improve the ideas and adopt them to a common wish, Hentaied can pick up. From the Hentaied staff, I would wish a bit more transparency: First, it would be cool to get to know more about the staff members. I don`t want to know your hobbies or personal stuff😊, no it would be cool to know which function you have in the team. This would give us the possibility to address an idea, issue or else directly to the right person. It would be also good to know roughly the course of the Hentaied spaceship. What are the new web-sites upcoming, in which area you are working right now, so that we can think on some ideas to help you making cool new props and later new videos. I know, some stuff you don`t want to spoiler or some you might hide from you competition, which is absolutly understandable…

Also, some feedback would be good on our proposals. Even negative, if a story would be too complex or you are missing cool props, we can re-write our ideas to continuously improve it. Also, a comment, “not in our current portfolio maybe later”, would help us to concentrate on things which help you to improve Hentaied.
Last but not least, I participated some month ago in a subscriber survey. Would it be possible to share the outcome of the survey? I`m used to get a feedback of a survey, when I participate.

To link all things up. For new girls: the Hentaied staff can review the proposals, check which girl might be available (I don`t know how this works with the agencies etc.) and start a poll for possible "candidates".

The same you can do for props: See, what can be realized (budget wise, safety wise, etc.) and then put the top four or six ideas in a poll.

For story ideas: Similar approach: Maybe you can open a story competition. Give some boundaries like rooms, props, girls etc. everybody can write a suggestion. You chose the best four or six and the community can vote in a poll. Sure this can`t be done for every week`s episode, but maybe you can have an annual special with extended playtime (one 1 h video as the only video in August) which is based on the winner`s story. I really got the impression here, that I`m at least not the only on who loves longer and more complex stories:D

These are just some ideas and reflections, don`t take them as criticism more as possible ways to further improve this lovely place here! Please leave a comment what you think! Thank you in advance!