Parasited - Cult


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This is probably going to be my last post for a while and I thought I’d leave one last idea I had in mind:

I thought about the video from Relaxing Time, that people are aware of the parasites and what they can do. What if there are individuals who aren’t infected, but want to be? This video can work with just two girls, one who is a member of this parasite-worshiping cult and an innocent victim who is there against her will, a sacrifice.

This could also work with more than two, either more cult members or more victims. The cult member has in her possession a caged parasite, she’s ecstatic and can’t wait to be infected whereas the sacrifice is just that, a girl tied down and struggling to be released. Either the cult member infects the victim, kind of like a test subject before letting the victim infect her or alternatively the cult member can intentionally infect herself, with the victim acting more as her first prey.
I haven’t really thought about settings, costumes, models or a more specific story, just thought I’d throw the concept in, though I’m still routing for that transformation/mutation theme more. I’m going to be off each of the sites for a little while though I’m 100% returning and can’t wait to see the content of the future, especially if any of the ideas from user’s posts get adapted, I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of them.