Parasite Queen [Parasited]


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‘The boss of a highly prestigious company has overcome the many challenges of the modern world to reach her high status, however with the recent occurrences of alien parasites invading human bodies, she believes a new world is emerging. Hearing about a rare parasite queen kept in confinement, she orders her secretary to steal this special parasite, which the boss intends to use on herself to become the Queen of the parasites. Despite her awareness of what the average parasite does to a person, nothing could’ve prepared her, nor her secretary, what would become of her body.’



This script serves as a parasite story featuring both female monster transformation and vore. The transformation itself results in the monster, the Queen, being a woman with a normal human upper half whilst her lower half is replaced with the body of a giant parasite. Its circular mouth surrounds the woman’s waist, allowing her to retract her human half in and out of the parasite mouth, using this ability to drag her prey into her parasitic mouth.


The design came from so many places. One of which is this Sandworm Monster Girl which is a near perfect representation as to how I’d like this monster to look.


Another is from the doujinshi Reckless Worm:
Reckless Worm Doujinshi

A hentai about a man who finds out their adoptive parents had a biological daüghter, however because of her monstrous appearance they kept her hidden and waited for the man to be capable of looking after her. The story’s a lot more wholesome than the approach I took. Very similar design, I prefer the dangerous look of the Sandworm Monster Girl but I do love the blonde hair and more parasitic look of this one.

Reckless Worm - 1.jpeg

Reckless Worm - 2.jpeg

The final one comes from this clip in Naruto. In the script, I describe the monster transformation as the woman turning into the giant worm before her human top half emerges from its mouth, covered in slime. This is kind of where that came from, just to give a visual on the motion of it all. It’s also what got me to write this script in the first place so I’ve got to give its credit.

Queen Parasite Inspiration


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This script takes place in two settings, one being an office in a skyscraper. This particular setting is only for a conversation with some sexual teasing sprinkled in. The second is an empty warehouse, somewhat similar to the setting used in Parasited’s Marla. This is where the majority of the action takes place. The normal-sized parasite, eye contacts, slime, sound effects, etc. all stuff we’ve seen before are included in this script.

For the monster transformation and the monster appearance, that’s where things get challenging. The transformation sequence itself will have to be CGI. I’ve included a detailed account of the transformation in the script, including an anime clip as a reference for when the woman pushes the parasite tail out of her vagina and grows behind her before engulfing her. The actual appearance of the Queen parasite can be done either with CGI or practically.

With CGI, I was thinking a bottom half design in the same style as the giant parasite from The Insider would work perfectly, with the top half of the woman added in through green screen and video editing.

Giant Parasite - 1.jpeg

Giant Parasite - 2.jpeg

The practical method was inspired by the D T Studios vore series. I don’t particularly care for D T Studios, especially their törture series, although I do like these practical effects and they’d make for a perfect bottom half of the parasite queen, only implementing CGI for the movement and vore scenes.


DT Studios - 2.jpeg

DT Studios - 3.jpeg


DT Studios - 5.jpeg


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There are two roles for this script, one being the Boss and other being her Secretary. For the Secretary, I didn’t really have any male models in mind. As long as they can appear as formal but also very timid/submissive in comparison to the boss then I’m sure they’ll smash it. I also had them pictured as being the same height as the boss whilst writing the story.

For fan casting the Boss, I went with an American casting but like every other script, you can visualise whoever you like to play the character. Chances are they’d probably be a better fit than who I’ve chosen. The character herself is a very dominant, manipulative woman who disregards her morals for the sake of power. Physically, I pictured her with an athletic/slim build but rather busty too. Someone who's also able to pull off some rather evil Davila expressions and sounds.

Personally I had three in mind and like I said before I went with an American cast. For the Boss, I went with either Skylar Vox, Kendra Sunderland and Violet Myers as casting choices. I know two of these models are due to appear in the future (Can’t wait, especially Kendra) but all three of them are amazing with very similar body types I had in mind for this character. This is pretty much my fantasy of seeing them in a monster transformation video in the future.

Skylar Vox


Violet Myers


Kendra Sunderland



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Part One: The Mission

Fade in:

Int. Warehouse - Night

A woman in a black trench coat wanders the empty hall of concrete and broken shelves. As she looks off into nothingness, the sound of a scrape causes the woman to halt in place and fix her eyes directly on the source of the sound. She steps closer, her face becomes visible to us. Donning pristine makeup and a sharp stare, the woman is known as the Boss (20/30F).

As she glares into the corner of the warehouse, it becomes clear that the sound must’ve been nothing to worry about. The Boss relaxes and continues to meander around the warehouse. She pulls out her phone to find no new notifications or messages. The Boss looks off into space again, appearing to be thinking deeply.

Cut to:

Ext. Skyscraper - Day

Text fades into the centre of the screen as we’re shown a shot at ground level panning up to capture a large glass skyscraper on film. The text reads:

12 hours earlier.

Cut to:

Int. Office - Day

In an expensive high-rise office, the Boss sits at her desk in very formal attire, appearing to be thinking deeply just like she was at the warehouse. The sound of the door opening catches her attention as her Secretary (20M) walks in, standing firmly with his arms behind his back.

Secretary (Formal)
You wished to see me, ma’am?

Boss (Smiles)
Please, take a seat.

The Secretary hesitates for a second before following her request, sitting in front of the Boss. Between the two is a closed laptop which the Boss drags towards herself and opens. She twists the laptop around and displays it to the Secretary, pushing it towards him. It shows an aerial shot of a large building.

I’ve got a job for you. This facility here is discreetly housing and experimenting on the Canela-Surum species.

Canela-Surum… the parasites, right? The ones on the news?

Indeed. The head scientists of the facility believe they can find a counter to the parasites through experimentation. I have a contact there that informs me they have just acquired something very special.

The Secretary leans back, pondering what kind of job she has in mind for him.

Ma’am, are you asking me to break into a government facility housing alien parasites to steal? Steal what exactly? Some kind of cure or device?

A parasite.

The Secretary gives a questionable look to the Boss.

More specifically, a very special variant. A queen parasite. At least that’s what the scientists at the facility believe it to be.

The Boss pulls a briefcase from under her desk and places it beside the laptop.

In here you’ll find your uniform, credentials and all the necessary information needed to get you inside the facility. You’ll meet with my contact and extract the queen. Once you leave the facility successfully, I’ll send you the coordinates to me where you’ll deliver the queen.

The Secretary looks into the distance, gently shaking his head.

This is so dangerous…

I’ll make sure you’ll be paid adequately for this job.

Ma’am, this isn’t about money. You’ve seen what these things do to people right? What happens when they get inside of humans? Every country is on red alert for these things, taking one would be on the same scale as stealing a nuclear weapon.

The Secretary glances at the Boss before looking off into the distance again, still not fully convinced. The Boss stands and slowly strides around her desk. She gets close to the Secretary, grabbing onto his chair’s armrests as she leans in close to him. The Secretary is caught off guard by how close she is, feeling her breath. He tries to look away only to be captivated by her dangling cleavage. The Secretary can barely breathe.

Boss (Seductive whisper)
Do you know what happens when a parasite enters a woman?

Secretary (Stuttering)
Uh M-Ma’am?

Boss (Seductive whisper)
I said do you know what happens when a parasite enters a woman?

Secretary (Stuttering)
Um… w-well they-

Boss (Seductive whisper)
They enter an orifice, could be the mouth, the ear, the anus, the pussy, the list is endless. The woman feels the creature squirming inside of her, they usually panic, not knowing what to do as it slithers around their organs. The parasite floods their body with an aphrodisiac, a slimy fluid that’s too much for the human body to bear. They get filled up with so much it leaks from every orifice. The woman’s so ***** on pleasure that they feel nothing but euphoric pleasure as their bones and muscles are twisted or contorted.

The Boss rises up and strides behind the Secretary, rubbing his shoulders as she whispers into his ear.

Boss (Seductive whisper)
Once the parasite finally nestles in a woman’s guts, she becomes one with the creature. They all seem to have one itch that needs to be scratched… they need to mate, to breed. They don’t care who it is, it could be someone who beforehand they wouldn’t even think twice of being intimate with. But at that moment…

The Boss runs her hands down the Secretary’s chest, causing him to let out a soft moan.

Boss (Seductive whisper)
…that somebody becomes the sexiest person in the world to them.

The Secretary is too stunned to speak.

Secretary (Stuttering)
Wha-why are you t-telling me this?

I’ve seen the way you look at me, I catch you getting lost in my eyes, at my breasts. I’ll admit that I don’t feel the same way for you, but I trust you and I need you there to-

Secretary (Snaps out of state)
Wait, you’re… you’re going to host the parasite?! You?

The Boss stays silent for a moment before releasing her grasp on the Secretary and standing by the window, looking down on the streets below.

Boss (Serious)
I find the nature of the parasites desirable. People who stress and worry so much about their bills, how others perceive them, trying to maintain a job they hate, the modern world is one of misery. The parasites however strip all of that away. No more fear, depression, anxiety. Driving even the most functional of society to a primitive state with only two goals, to feel pleasure and to breed. They’re an unstoppable army, growing by the hour… but they have no leader.

Which is what you want to be? That’s why you want the queen?

The Boss turns to the Secretary with a determined look on her face.

If you do this for me, we’ll both achieve what was once unattainable to us.

Cut to:

Int. Warehouse - Night

Returning to the Boss staring off, the sound of distant footsteps catches her attention. She waits as the footsteps get louder. The Secretary enters the warehouse with a pet carrier in his hand.


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Part Two: Having Fun

The Boss smiles at the carrier in his possession. As he approaches, the Boss takes hold of the carrier, peering inside at the squirming creature.

Good work.

Certainly wasn’t easy work.

The Secretary looks around the abandoned building.

What is this place?

Boss (Looking at the parasite)
I inherited this property along with others from my family years ago. Nobody will know to come here, the perfect place to build my nest.

The Secretary gives a concerned look to the Boss.

Ma’am there’s something you need to know. It’s something the informant said. They’ve run tests on the queen, the informant was telling me that it’s possible you’ll change more dramatically than other infected. We may not know what’ll happen to you.

The Boss opens the carrier and holds the queen parasite in her hand, slime dripping from her palm.

Boss (Smirking)
I don’t care what I’ll look like but I do know what'll happen to me. I’ll become queen and rule the new world ahead of us.

She looks at the Secretary with an intense stare.

Boss (Serious)
Whatever happens to me, do not touch me until I’ve completed my evolution.

She holds the parasite high.

Boss (Speaking to the queen)
I give my body to you.

She presses her hand against her lips and tilts her hand up, sliding the parasite from her palm into her mouth.

The Boss gägs on the parasite as it slides down her throat. She begins to quiver and tremble, slime splurging out of her mouth. The Secretary watches as more slime secretes under her legs. The Boss falls to her knees before falling to the ground. She flounders on the ground as we hear her body squelching and squirming on the inside. Her groans are a concoction of pleasure and agony. The Secretary goes to help before stopping himself, heeding her wishes.

The Boss’s body contorts as her bones crack. Her eyes appear to have changed, her iris dilating, leaving a sharp pupil amongst the whiteness of her eyes. Eventually the sounds of her body begin to die down. The Boss twitches on the ground, breathing heavily with the odd gasp of air whenever she twitches. Having collected herself, the Boss stands up and gives the Secretary a sinister smile, licking her lips.

Secretary (Stuttering)

As she raises her head up, the Boss runs her slimy fingers through her hair, letting out a deep breath.

Boss (Seductive)
Mmmmmmm, I knew it felt good but… fffuuuuuuuccckkk, I feel ssssso fucking goooooood.

She looks back at the Secretary, biting her lip.

A promise is a promise, you’ve given me what I want, and now…

The Boss unbuttons her trench coat and discards it to the floor. She stands before her Secretary, naked. She flaunts her body for the Secretary.

Boss (Aroused)
Aahhhhhh, I bet you’ve wanted to see this for a long time, haven’t you?

She smothers slime all across her body.

Boss (Grabbing her ass)
This nice, juicy ass.
(Rubs vagina)
This soaking wet pussy.
(Squeezes breasts)
These big, fat tits of mine. Mmmmmm, I want you so badly.

She strides towards the Secretary, getting closer and closer.

Boss (Whisper)
Kiss me.

The pair plunge into one another’s mouth, locking their tongues together as slime drools from their lips. At first, both are incredibly passionate in their kiss until the Secretary’s eyes shoot open, looking almost uncomfortable. The Boss releases the Secretary from their kiss. He hunches over, spewing up slime as he heaves and retches to the disgusting taste. The Boss backs away from the sick Secretary, perching herself on a table covered by a white sheet. She watches the Secretary who’s still heaving and groaning all the while she gently plays with her pussy.

Boss (Gently moaning)
Ahhhhhhhh yeah. Remember what I said in the office? The fluid is too much for an average person to handle. You’ll find the taste revolting, but to me…

She lifts up the hand playing with her pussy, showing a web of slime between her fingers before bringing her hand to her mouth, licking her finger delectably.

Boss (Deep moan)
Mmmmmmmmm, it tastes so good. Besides, the aphrodisiac clearly seems to be working.

The panting Secretary wipes his mouth, confused by the Boss's statement before looking down to see his own erection pressing through his pants. He looks back at the Boss who leans forward on the table.

Boss (Seductively)
I have just the thing to help wash away the taste.

The Secretary staggers over to the Boss whilst she sits on the table. He gets up close and smothers his face into her slimy breasts. Sucking on her nipples causes the Boss to snarl her lips as she grunts through her teeth.

Boss (Snarling)
Uuurrrrggghhh fuck, urgh. That’s it, keep on sucking them.

Letting her Secretary suck on her breasts for a while, the Boss tries to push his head away from her. She scrunches her face up as he remains latched on before letting go of her breast. She gasps, causing a small stream of slime to escape from her mouth. The Boss looks at him in his drunken eyes with the Secretary looking back into her own alienated eyes.

Boss (Whispering)
Take your clothes off and sit on the table.

The Secretary does as she says, rushing to strip his clothes off whilst the Boss gets off the table and stands upright. Completely nude, the Secretary perches himself onto the table, spreading his legs apart. The Boss kneels before him and grabs hold of his erect cock. She slowly rubs her lips and tongue against his dick.

Boss (Slurping)
Mmmmmmm, I’m gonna make you feel so special.

She engulfs his cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down as she gägs on his dick in her throat. Occasionally the Boss will release his cock from her mouth, gasping for air whilst she jerks him off before taking it back into her mouth. Slime splurges everywhere causing a huge mess between the two, staining their bodies. The Secretary is barely able to hold it together, clenching onto the table and the Boss’s hair as he moans to the overwhelming sensation.

Secretary (Moaning)
Ohhhhhh, oh god, I’m gonna cum!

The Boss suddenly stops, letting the Secretary’s cock escape from her mouth as she stands up from the ground, looking the Secretary dead in the eye as she clenches onto his hair in a rough manner.

Boss (Breathless)
Don’t you dare, I need your seed.

She lets go of his hair and pushes him down onto the table.


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Part Three: The Queen’s Coronation

In a tired and hazed state, he watches the Boss climb onto the table and kneel above his pelvis. She grabs hold of his slime ridden dick and guides it into her pussy. She shudders to the feeling of the Secretary’s throbbing cock inside of her and moans as she begins to thrust her hips up and down.

Boss (Panting)
Yes, yes, fuck yyyyeeee-he-hessss! Oohhh thank you, thank you!

The two moan as loud as they can, overwhelmed with pleasure.

Boss (Moaning)
Ahhh ahhh ahhh, I hope you’re enjoying this, ahhh, as much as I am! You deserve this, ahhh, you’ve been so good to me!

She bows down to the Secretary and whispers in his ear.

Boss (Whisper)
Ahhhhhhhhh, since you’ve been such a good secretary, why don’t we both stand up and I’ll let you fuuuuuuuck my brains out, yeah?

The duo scurry up and get off the table. The Boss bends over the table and flaunts her ass at the Secretary. Overcome with temptation, he doesn’t hesitate to impale his cock into her pussy. The Secretary pounds into her as she holds onto the table, both screaming orgasmically.

Secretary (Moaning)
Ahhhh ahhh! Ma’am I’m cumming!!

Boss (Moaning)
Yes! Yes! Fill me with your fucking seed!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!

The Secretary climaxes inside of her. As the two try to recuperate, the Secretary staggers back and falls to the ground. Semen drips out of the Boss’s pussy. She stands upright and turns around, her hand caressing her stomach. She looks down at the Secretary and smirks. Suddenly, the Boss gasps in pain. She groans, hunching over before pushing her chest out as we hear the sound of internal fluids gushing through her body. In her pain-induced state, she flips the table over.

Boss (Groaning)
Urgh fuck! Sssssomething’s happening to meeeeeuurrrggggh!!!

The Boss continues to grunt through her grit teeth as her body continues to change internally. Slime floods out of her pussy before the emergence of a small parasite tail from her vagina. The Boss clenches her fists and tenses her body as she strains herself trying to push it out. The parasitic tail pushes out of her, getting longer and thicker. The Boss releases a bellowing yell as the tail suddenly rushes out of her body. She continues to tense her body up as the tail grows longer and thicker behind her.

Parasite Tail Growth

Boss (Deep yelling)

Secretary (Terrified)
Oh my god… ma’am!!

As the tail seems to keep on growing, it appears to have merged with the Boss’s flesh, having absorbed her ass and pussy. The skin of the parasitic tail begins to spread along the Boss’s own slimy skin. Her body bloats and swells up like a meatball as her arms and legs get sucked into her flesh. The Secretary watches in horror as the Boss’s agonising wails turn into monstrous screeches. The Boss has turned into a giant parasite. The Secretary is frozen in fear as the giant monster squirms around the warehouse floor.

Secretary (Terrified)
Ma’am… what have you done?!

The parasitic creature suddenly begins retching and spewing from its circular mouth. As it slams down into the ground, its mouth begins to throb. Shooting out of its mouth is a human arm. It grabs onto the flesh of the parasite as another arm shoots out too. Squeezing out of the giant parasite’s mouth is the top half of the Boss. Completely smothered in slime, she collapses onto the ground. As she tries to raise herself up by her arms, the Boss staggers as a burst of slime spews from her mouth. The giant parasite snakes itself upright, raising the Boss upright, high in the air. With one hand she flicks her hair back, the other grips onto her breast. She looks down at the Secretary with her infected eyes, smirking maliciously.

Boss (Shuddering)

Huhuhuhuhuhuhu… ooooohhhh, my new body. It feels so powerful, ssssso orgasmic.

She rushes towards the Secretary on the floor, slithering left and right before hovering over him. He stares in utter shock at his Boss’s new form. Around her waist were a row of sharp teeth and past that, a maggot-like body several metres in length. The Boss’s face is inches away from the Secretary’s.

Boss (Smirking)
Thank you. Because of you, I’ve attained the body of a queen, your seed planted within me will give life to thousands of offspring. You’ve given me so much.

She kisses his forehead and grabs hold of his head. The Boss smothers his head into her slimy breasts. As he latches onto one of her nipples, the Boss’s eyes roll back as she snarls her lips, groaning to the Secretary’s sucking.

Boss (Snarling)
Urgh fuck, you’re gonna make such a good meal…

The jaws around the Boss’s waist begin to open. The Secretary’s eyes widen as he tries to scream for help however the Boss suffocates him with her breasts, holding him tightly. She drags him into her parasitic mouth, swallowing the two. As she did once before, the Boss’s human half climbs out of her parasite half’s mouth. The Boss rests on her back against the floor. Her eyes suddenly roll back as she groans loudly.

All the way down the end of her huge parasite tail, smaller parasites begin to emerge from an orifice in her tail. Giving birth to several parasites, the Boss orgasms whilst fondling her breasts, beginning the process of building her parasite nest.

Final Shot.jpeg