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Hey, autosprint. Sorry, I didn`t get your point. No worries, there are so many possibilities for Hentaied! So, let`s get on your feedback and your idea of Jia`s experiment, which went totally wrong.

What do you think to put the idea into a college/university environment? Just think about the girls in nice schoolgirl outfits?


Let`s imagine: Aliens have reached earth and they made themselves a home here. Humans and aliens live in peace together. More and more girls have sex with our tentacled friends. Dr Jia Lissa a famous Jiologist gives lectures on alien anatomy and the specialty of human female to alien tentacle sex.

Location: the new classroom

Jia is giving a lecture in alien jiology. She explains practices like all-the-way-through and how and why these techniques can give great joy to the girls. We have one student (ex. Client) which is very enthusiastic about the topics: She is always raising her hand and answer Jia`s questions. At the end of the lecture Jia is impressed by the knowledge of the girl and Jia askes if she (the student) is willing to participate in an experiment. The girl is happy and agrees.​

Episode 1: The Experiment​

Location: Jiology lab

Jia and the student meet in the lab. Jia is talking about parasites, tentacles, and eggs. Then she askes the student to strip naked and lay down on the bed. Some ideas for the action: First, Jia makes the girl horny via some toys like a magic wand. The girl squirts or pees (we know that the liquids are attracting the tentacles). Then the girl has tentacle sex (all the way trough? And the full program) once the girl is filled with alien sperm Jia puts the girl in bondage. The girl is confused. Jia takes a ovipositor and starts to fill the girl pussy with eggs. Now the girl said, “Sorry Professor I mis-understood egg-laying. (submissively) Do you really need me to breed the eggs? Oh, yes then I want to support your research.”

The next day, the stomach of the girl is swollen. We see a first big parasite (the ones from a new assistant flying out of Veronica`s ass) exiting the girls pussy, then she gives birth to several parasites.

One day later, the belly of the girl is really swollen (cumflation props). The girl starts too leak some cum out and then we see one (or two) tentacles coming out her pussy and mouth (maybe even ass). The vid is like the “an alien inside”. One of the eggs were from another species Jia explains and she guessed this species might connect with a girl as symbiont, but she (Jia) wasn`t sure before the experiment. The tentacles retreat again inside the girl. Jia wants to keep the girl a bit longer. However, the alien inside made the girl stronger and she escapes.​

Episode 2: The roommate​

Location: living room

She returns home to her room. She meets her roommate, watching TV (a Hentaied episode). Both girl talk. The student (tentacle girls) talks what happened to her during the experiment. The roommate is curious, and she wants to see the tentacles. Both girls strip out of their uniforms and the tentacle girl is fucking her roommate. During sex a parasite (the big one of a new assistant) is leaving the tentacle girls pussy and enters the roommate’s pussy (or mouth) …

After the sex the tentacle girl asks the roommate if she knows where she might hide. The roommate, a student of alien botany, is giving her key for the exotic botany garden to the tentacle girl.

At the end of the episode, we see Jia calling the campus police. She speaks to a female detective to look for the tentacle girl. Jia mentioned, that in the uncontrolled state, the girl might be quite dangerous.​

Episode 3: The interrogation​

Location: living room

The detective starts her investigation at the tentacle girl`s home and she meets the roommate. So, the detective starts the interrogatory with the roommate to ask her what happen. The roommate makes evasive talks and there is no chance for the detective to know more. After a while a parasite is moving around and finds its way to the detective’s mouth. The parasite is taking control of the detective. I don`t know if the detective and the roommate have sex or not? Maybe the detective gets through the parasite and extraordinary good scent. She sniffs and moves to the bathroom. The bathroom is the home of another roommate a male tentacled alien. The detective has sex with the alien and in reward the alien tells her where to look for the girl.​

Episode 4: The Alien Plant​

Location: botany gardens

Meanwhile Jia gets a call from her colleague a professor for alien botany that she has seen a strange blue girl (the tentacle girl fully transformed in the alien form of the feeding video) running in the gardens. So Jia gets the key from her colleague and she is warned that some of the plants are carnivore. Only focused in finding the tentacle girl to put an end at this, she didn`t pay attention and a giant Venus-flytrap vore her. The two strong leaves are pushing her. She cries out loud and thinks that’s the end when a warm liquid is toughing her. But the liquid is not harming her only her cloth. Giant brushes like plant parts are cleaning her. She feels very comfortable. Once Jia is clean and naked the leaves start to form a small round cabinet where Jia is trapped in. A root is growing from underneath. The root splits into three branches. One is reaching for her pussy and the other two for her nipples. The roots are fucking her/playing with her nipples she starts to squirt and lactate in full joy and orgasm. The plant is absorbing the liquids from Jia. Unnoticed from Jia, the leaves including her trapped inside starts to shrink.​

Episode 5: The detective​

Location: botany gardens

A bit later the detective finds the tentacle girl hiding on the trunk of a big tree. The tentacle girl completed her transformation. She is now an alien (same outfit like in the feeding video). The detective is frightened but also fascinated by the chimera (=tentacle girl). Both are attracted by each other and finally they have sex. In the end the tentacle girl is depositing an egg into the detective. Both girls live a couple of days hiding in the garden. Naked and having a lot of sex. In this time the detective more and more transforms into another tentacle girl (green skin, tentacle tail and head – like in the feeding video).​

Episode 5: The rebirth​

Location: botany gardens

Unnoticed from the girls. One of the plants had grown an apple, the apple fell on the ground, and it starts growing. On the eighth day the apple has reached a size of nearly 2 m in diameter. Strange, but true the apple opens and Jia fully naked is stepping out. Jia now found both tentacle girls and she wants them back in her lab. However, the appearance of the girls makes Jia horny and all three have heavy tentacle sex. Jia could avoid getting an egg herself (really, could she?), she is pleased and allows the girls to live their live as aliens, they just have to return to the lab from time to time for an examination. The End?

What do you think now? For me, I`m not so into a special story type. The ones I write should be a kind of inspiration for romero. Regardless if or what they use, I will apreciate any good and strong story in the new videos... I also like the ideas of Exoscript and the "spaceport hooker" idea of nommeduplume...​

This is really amazing, almost perfect.


This is really amazing, almost perfect.
Hi autosprint, thank you for your feedback. Indeed yes, I also like the last version the most. The story moves smoothly from one event to another. The other versions feel a bit more "constructed". Thank you so much for your inputs to bring the story to this point!!!(y)
How should we proceed now with the idea? We could work on the details and I might do some picture renders for the illustration. However, if there`s no chance that it will be ever produced, I would rather focus my time on other things. What do you think?