Alien Hunter To Good Girl


Hello, are you able to provide a screen-shot of your issue? I am showing this as being available within the members area:



I don't see this video in the videos list at all either. :/

EDIT... weird.. I cleared my browser cache and suddenly it's there.

Hmm thanks for the heads up on this, it is greatly appreciated! I will look into this matter immediately and update here once we have implemented a solution


With all the technical issues solved(y). I would like to give you my personal feedback (now on the forum):

Great Video! After the last Jiology lab video, we have her again a more "serious" video. Less story then last videos, which is more than compensated by a good plot.

Again, please note the feedback is just my personal impression.

Girls: 9/10: Great! Really, It`s hard to have a top five or top ten actress here. All your “girls” are so amazing. Talia really fits in the role of the tough alien hunter. The scenery and plot is very well adopted to her skills, giving a “great experience”:alien:

Story: 8/10: The Story is cool. I like the sci-fi stuff. It would be cool to see more episodes of this series. Maybe in a next episode she fights again. This time with more success. She hunts some aliens, catches them, put them in a cage, and then we see the aliens escape taking revenge on the alien hunter. Just to have more tension...

Effects: 9/10: The effects are very well done! The close-up of her eyes is very cool. A good point to raise tension. I love the tearing her cloth to make her naked (stripping) idea. It looks so hot! I love how you integrated the parasite idea, now with parasites over her whole body. The best effect of the scene is the great all the way through. The mouth to ass variant is just overwhelming!
Props: 1/10: Sorry, however this is still the weak point of all “pure dark room” videos. (Please also see my comment on the dropout’s finale) Here I really wish improvement. All videos which are set story wise in a room at R-Mansion give a good ambience, like the bathroom “Quad Anal Tentacle Penetration”. After watching this video you start checking your toilet for tentacles😊. I think a flexible wall-system (maybe metallic for the sci-fi-look) could really help. It might give the experience that the girl is on a labyrinth of an enemy, alien star ship. To gether with the "steam or fog, it would really look cool! I already have some ideas; I will make some design proposal/visualizations in the next days. Also, the suit is a bit simple. Maybe you can design a cool super-heroine costume using eva foam? I will look for some youtube links to give you a better idea of what I`m thinking of.

Music 10/10: Greatly done! I like the thrilling dissonant play to raise the tension at the beginning. Later, when she wakes again, the driving music is underlining the “transformation” especially when she starts her aheago face.

Plot: 8/10: Well done! I love the great composition of elements. The start is great done. I like the close-up cut of her eyes. The “following attacking” scene is great, especially the stripping action. Both are well connected. For the parasites, I miss a bit how they came to Talia. Maybe she was there for some hours and the parasites were just slowly crawling to her? Or maybe the tentacle alien spread them over her? I like the following position of her laying on her belly. It was not often used, and she looks quite submissive, which fits perfectly to the story. There is a great tension bow to lead to the all-the-way through, top! Unfortunately, the end was a bit disappointing. We even don`t see how the tentacle withdrew.

To rate this video, I re-use my 10 star extended rating (6 = art; 7 = fine art; 8 = extreme fine art; 9 = near perfect; 10 = perfect). My rating would be 7 stars. The series including Talia as (anal) star is great. I would like to see more sequels, maybe together with another girl. Thank you so much for making this video!
After some of these reviews, I would like to know how you think of them. It takes me some time to watch and "anylse" the video. If this helps you to improve I continue for sure.


Hello hello!

Thanks for reviewing my videos again mr Lostarion (Should i call you Lostarion Tomatoes?)

HEHE Mouth to ass is my favorite too!

About props in general, is something we are working on.
The main problem i still find is that in this industry is always tricky to find good collaborations,
so hiring someone good is a challenge.
We're currently working a lot on the topic, getting new props / ideas and locations, but it will take time
(Also a lot of money to make things properly)

Soon on these screens! we should have a new huge studio from next year to make some super cool stuff.