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    Rae Lil Black signed for Hentaied

    This upcoming video looks legendary. I have been looking forward to it ever since reading this thread when I first checked out the forums. In the future, I'd love to see Rae Lil Black come back to star in a super messy and slimy video.
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    Slime Queen

    This video sounds fascinating. As a huge fan of WAM and slime, I would love to see this video get created. Even though I prefer slime, I would be okay with compromising and having the "slime" replaced with Hentaied's incredible tentacle cum.
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    The Pit

    I've seen one of her messy videos before, and this tub is exactly what I want if not bigger. It's a good size with plenty of room for tentacles and submerging.
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    The Pit

    I like this idea the most. In the WAM thread that I made, I also had the idea of someone discovering a slime pit and being dragged into it by a tentacle monster. The liquid being used as an aphrodisiac is also very appealing to me.
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    What are your highest rated "interests"?

    Here are the things that I enjoy most: WAM/Bukkake - There's something I really like about girls getting messy. Whether it be with cum, slime, chocolate, etc. Cosplay Lesbian Story - I always love a good story! Tentacles Oviposition
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    New girls suggestion

    Here's some of my favorite stars that I'd like to see in a Hentaied video: Alina Lopez Autumn Falls BigTittyGothEgg Janice Griffith Kendra Spade
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    WAM - Wet and Messy

    I really like some of the ideas you presented. When it comes to the slime pit, I think that the slime produced by the tentacles could also be an aphrodisiac. With the rebirth/cocoon concept, I can see your messy to clean idea working with those two. And I also just finished reading the Cocoon...
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    Trapped in Sticky Gluey Slime with Egg Laying or Vore

    The ideas presented in this thread seem very thrilling to me. I have a big kink for girls getting slimed and messy. When it comes to the substance itself, I have a recommendation: ( It's an easy to mix recipe for an...
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    WAM - Wet and Messy

    I know there was a video involving foodplay and that there are many amazing bukkake scenes in the videos, so I figured that WAM would be right up Hentaied's alley. Some ideas that could be in one of these videos are someone falling into a slime pit with a tentacle monster awaiting them inside of...