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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Hey mates, after reading about the new prop of a suction cup tentacle ( It would be cool if you could add this prop to the final scene? "Improved version": After the cumshot she turns into doggy style position, pretty much like...
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    Inspiration from the older videos?

    Hey Romero, thank you for your response and considering my feedback. To the first point: Don´t get me wrong the choking idea is not too bad. It`s just too much repeating. Some ideas (I hope possible ones) to get more variability: I like a trap idea. So it`s a bit the girl`s fault (curiosity or...
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Hey Romero, Thank you so much for your feedback!(y) Wow, I dind`t expect that you pick it from the list of so many great ideas. A Capt`n should be full of mercy to her/his crew🤔. To my taste, with Tiffany enough heads rolled this year🤪 Sure, please do as many adoption you like. To hit my...
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    Steampunk topics?

    Hey Mates, before I develop a full script, just a little question to the community: What do you think of a steampunk story. A female crew on a "Nautilus style" submarine looking for the tentacle queen in the ocean. Girls all in steampunk type uniforms or so... Thank you for your feedback...
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    My Crowdfunding vid prop.

    Hey Mates, Indeed, the idea has potential. Thank you! However, the old man with grey hair would be a turn-off for me - I would think of a milf girl as principal instead. (For me the old horny guy in Gynvasion was more horrible for me than the tentacles :cool:) I`m not sure about the CGI...
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    Sybian Prop

    Hey Mate! Great idea, I would love to see some sybian action. Maybe there is a possibility that the sybian part of an alien body made from silicone. This alien body might be only a part of the alien itself (dorsal?), having also tentacles or so... Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Hey Mates, to be honest, I put some time in creating this, especially in finding and describing ways, I think, which can be done with the props available or at least affordable. DON`T YOU HAVE ANY FEEDBACK ON THIS! Even If you don`t like it. Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    [BTS] .. Collecting ideas ... for later poll

    Hey Mate! Great idea! I would love to see some behind the scene stuff as well! Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    Violette & Blue: Part 1 .. The Introduction of T (images)

    Hey Mate! This story sounds interesting! It fits a lot of my wishes (see my post: I would love to see this scene, especially with Alya❤️ and Stephany (two of the most beautiful girls on this site!!!) Are there...
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    Jias Lab - Tentacle Zombie Security Breach

    Hey Mate, Love the first part. A curious girl springing the trap. Great ambience. Could you work a bit more on the details, please? I`m not sure about the second part. Feels a bit constructed and the need to put Jia in - my opinion? (Sorry, I`m personally not a big fan of her) Sincerely...
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    Some ideas...

    Hey mate, sounds interesting. However, I would love to read more details to get the mood of the scenery... Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    Another idea for additional CG special effects to enhance Hentaied's videos.

    Hey Mate! I love it!!! Great ambiance, I love the mystical setting including the ritual bodypaint. Couldn`t wait to see something similar to be done here! Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    Fucked until she explodes (Careful what you wish for)

    Sorry Mate, this is an absolute turn off for my side:mad: I really hated Complosion! This video was badly performed with a stupid ending. No more of this stuff, please Sincerely, Nemo, Captain of the Nautilus
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    eye contact

    Hey Mate! Indeed, yes!!! The current vids are too distant and non toughing since the eye contact is no longer done. The last great video was "Made in Italy"!!! PLEASE MORE EYE CONTACT. (see also my post:
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    Gay Tentacle Porn

    Sorry mate, I love Hentaied for being girls only. Even Futanarixxx has too many dicks for my taste to be a turn on...
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    Inspiration from the older videos?

    Hey Mates, okay, I`m pretty much new here at the forum, while I`m subscribing already some time. What you, Romero, and your team has built up is amazing. From an objective standpoint the videos get better and better. I love the new tentacles; they look so real. The little stories are...
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Epilogue: We see her see her now fully transformed to an alien with green skin maybe with some bodypaint -like in feeding or like in Fuck me earthling – the green girl! She is crouching or kneeling, and we see her from her back like in A.I. Love (~8:19). But instead of riding a...
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Part 2: Impregnation The cell is represented by the dark room. Maybe you can use the walls used in the toilet encounter videos and put a metallic foil on it and use them as the walls in the background. The create a kind of door you could use some acrylic glass walls. Or some glass sliding door...
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Interlude: Transformation She wakes up covered with dried (or drying) sperm. She is somewhat “sober” again and she feels ashamed what happened – especially because we have watched her. She uses some paper towel from a dispenser to clean her up. She tries to cover her intimate areas from our...
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    When the examination goes wrong!

    Part 1: Seducing you, seducing me, seducing him… She inhaled the aerosol, which includes a strong pheromone/aphrodisiac. She sits on the bed (like in the colleague) and looks into the camera. She starts flirting with us. (Here you can use a lot form the colleague vid). First looking in the cam...