Purple Bitch -Arcade Part 1


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From the Discord board...

I hate to be "that person," but I wasn't quite as impressed with the Purple Bitch video. The CG animation was stiff and the creature seemed superimposed rather than integrated into the scene. The tentacle sex part wasn't as good as past efforts in terms of artistry and positions, and they spent a lot of time on padding with Purple rubbing herself at the beginning, and with the sketch manga animation. They really should have spent time on putting some CG life into the tentacles and made them more "intense" and lively rather than a fairly rigid rigged monster, so they could be more interactive with Purple's real body and CG stand-ins for very specific shots. Kind of like real Japanese tentacle and monster porn, but with superior effects, and obviously no censorship. They ought to narrow in on one or two longer crowdfunded event movies a year that focus their attention on really, really good animation with better CG artists (I had mentioned on the other forum a CG artist called Roman from NullStudio before for his attention to detail and love of similar hentai material) besides their regular stuff going forward. IMHO


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the cg need to implant better, the part of her pussy being cg was pretty bad, they could skip on it (she should have squirted a lot more cum that they showed)
I wonder what kind of stuff the put on the behind the scene.