Monster House idea

Hello all! First script/idea but I REALLY loved Bedtime, I really wanted to expand on the idea, so I present my Monster House idea.

A girl enters the scene with the premise that shes house-sitting for the night, was told to never go into one specific room. Its late at night, shes in her underwear ready for bed. She hears a noise down the hall, and her curiousity gets the better of her. She discovers the noise came from the one room she was told not to enter. She decides to go in, only to find that it looks like a simple bedroom with a bed and a closet. She starts to look around, examining a few things around the room when she hears a noise coming from the closet. She gets closer about to investigate when the doors shoot open and tentacles wrap around her arms and legs. She starts to struggle as the tentacles pull her closer and closer to the inside of the closet. After some time struggling, the tentacles overpower her, and she gets pulled inside the closet, with the doors shutting behind her.
Cut to the inside of the closet, her hands are tied above her head, and the tentacles begin stripping her down while she struggles to get loose the entire time. After the tentacles strip her, they start to have their way with her, while she still struggles to get free but starts losing strength because of the tentacles inside of her.
After some time, she does manage to break free, nude and covered in tentacle cum, breaking through the closet doors and starts heading towards the main door to leave the room. She manages to just barely open the door, when tentacles come out from under the bed and catch her ankle. She falls, looking at the tentacle wrapped around her ankle in horror, when more tentacles start to come out from under the bed. She starts to try to crawl away, but realizes she can't since the tentacle cum is making the floor too slippery. She struggles for a bit before the tentacles start to grab her arms and legs and pull her completely under the bed.
Cut to under the bed, (I would love to see the cocoon idea from another forum post brought to life here, her arms and legs stuck in the floor, but if not, thats okay) the tentacles start having their way with her again under the bed for a while (all shot very close, like Bedtime, the inspiration for all this).
After some time, they fill her up, and she starts dripping cum, squirting, orgasming; and when its all over, she looks out and sees the door is open a bit wider. She tries one last final effort to break free, and she manages to crawl out from under the bed about three quarters of the way out, dripping cum and juices from all over her body, before the tentacles grab her one last time, and pull her back under the bed. The scene ends as she gets pulled back under and moaning is heard as the camera pans away, and it cuts to cum leaking out from under the bed and a faint moaning is heard before the scene fades to black
Thank you! I think that the only thing that would need to be sourced is a closet big enough to work with, and honestly the bed could be the same bed from Bedtime, and of course a model lol. Of course the closet would probably be more for show and the filming team would need some kind of other prop to film the angles right I would assume but I'm no expert